So with 2017 coming to an end, I’ve had the rare opportunity to reflect on weddings from the past year, and there are a few I will be sharing over the coming months before 2018 kicks off with the next set of weddings. As Im sure a lot of you know, I love my job and weddings such as this one really gives me the opportunity to test my knowledge and push the boundaries of my cameras, and I can honestly say it was a whole lot of fun!

Sarah and Matt decided to celebrate their wedding at one of Baths newest venues, Wick Farm back in November after the clocks had changed which really made the day challenging. It was a wet and gloomy day, with very short breaks in the weather, the ceremony was at 3pm and sunset was at 5 so daylight was very limited and there was only one window in each part of the venue so you can imagine the stress levels rising. However, the entire wedding party, their family and friends were all understanding and we were able to capture every photo we needed before darkness set in.

The setup for the day was very well thought out with gorgeous table decorations, large wax candles on all the edges and a rustic feel throughout with the home made cake still being iced in the morning. The amazing flowers jsut added to the feel of the day and matched everyones attire perfectly.(supplied by the talented Twigs and Twine Floral Design) My favourite part of the day though was the evening, which was completely different to your usual wedding reception and it was absolutely amazing; emotionally and photogenically which you’ll see below. And then to end the amazing day, they had booked for fireworks to finish with a bang!

It was obvious on the day that both Sarah and Matt loved each other, and that their friends and family loved them too, and it was absolute pleasure to capture it for them. Once again, I would like to say thank you to my bride and groom for choosing me to capture their wedding for them and capture their memories throughout the day and I look forward to sharing with them their full album very soon!